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Charm Bags

Charm bags are a specific selection of herbs, crystals, roots and curios, wrapped tightly inside a piece of fabric and sealed with an incantation. Each Charm Bag is hand-made, spelled & crafted for it's individual meaning. Color magick is also involved with choice of fabric and string to bind and solidify the incantation. 

Charm bags have many uses! They can be carried on your person, in your bag, or placed in a room, at your front door, in your car, or on your bed-side table! 


They are extra potent when making skin to skin contact!

Remember to always treat your charm bag with love & respect.


They might be little and cute, but charm bags are an incredibly strong witch's tool and conceal strong powers within, especially when combined with personal intent! 

The creativity lies in your hands!

Fulfillment time is 2-3 weeks from date of purchase + additional shipping

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