This Charm bag is stuffed full oh herbs, roots, and curios that assist in manifesting your deepest wishes and desires. Each one is handcrafted by Jaq and then spends 3 nights under the New Moon absorbing all of her energies, before being sealed with an incantation.


Use this charm bag when manifesting specfic goals. It can be programmed by telling it what your manifestations are and asking for its assiatance. 


It is recommended that you anoint or "feed" this charm bag with an anointing oil or powder that is directly associated for your specifc desires. Ex: focusing on money growth? Feed with bottled bucks or i soli powder. Focused on manifesting self love? Feed with bottled Love or Amore powder.


Recommended uses: Carry with you when working towards new goals, meditate with when setting new manifestations, place on altar when in need of a spiritual boost from ancestors/guides/spirit.


Can be charged under the new moon and fed new manifestations, and cleansed with selenite or herbal smoke cleanses. 


Please keep charm bags away from pets, they are filled with herbs and botanicals that may not be pet-friendly. Keep charm bag sealed, when the seal is broken, as is the enchantment. Do not wet, you will just make tea... and it won't taste good!

New Moon Manifestations


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