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Brianna Shahly

Rate: Excellent

Like best: Is all of it an option? Starting from the amazing customer service, (Jaq will really do her best to meet you where you are!) to the speedy shipping (even during a global pandemic!) my packages arrived safe and intact--and were packed with almost entirely recyclable material! She even included petals and herbs in my boxes, a shipping spell to keep my items safe and free of any harmful energies on their way to me. The items themselves were above and beyond my expectations, the glass orb I purchased is quite possibly the most magical, stunning item I own, and is even larger than I expected! The bath teas were divine, the anointing oil a thing of beauty, my spell candle smells wonderful, as well as being beautiful, and even the crystal I ordered was bigger than I anticipated! Jaq is a wonderful witch who is clearly passionate about her practice. I hope you give her the opportunity to wow you too!

How to improve: Honestly, nothing! Everything about my purchase went well above and beyond my expectations.

Would recommend: Yes

Anything to add: I've shopped at other magickal online retailers, and even other small businesses, but nothing felt as special and tailored as Jaq's items did. This is one, warm, witchy woman, offering wonderful, unique items, clearly full of her magick and love!


Peter Gilson

Rate: Good

Like best: Where to start. I recently placed a large order with Jaq, and what an amazing experience. From products, to readings, to spellwork. Jaq is an amazing Woman, and a strong witch, and Her abilities are spot on with what she offers. I have no problem recommending Jaq's store and services to anyone, for anything. You won't be disapointed.

How to improve: I am honestly hard pressed in my experience to find an answer to this question.

Would recommend: Yes

Anything to add: I fully support this store, Her creations, and will absolutely be returning very soon.

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