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“Vixen” is handcrafted & spelled by Jaq with the intentions of letting loose, having fun, & being a vivacious & flirty eye catching babe! Encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone & out onto the dance floor of life, this oil will have you catching the gaze of others & leaving them thinking of you. Meanwhile, you’ll be falling fully in love with the moment, & most importantly yourself! Get ready for some fun! 💖 this oil is also doused with an additional layer of protective boundaries to keep unwanted pests away, so that you can live care free under the moonlight!

Vixen’s motto is “You can Look, but you can’t touch… unless I want you too 😉”

Pairs best with our Personal Power oil for an extra boost of confidence, or Siren’s Song, to have all the others swooning for you!


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