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This massage candle is crafted with Vanilla, tapping into her seductive properties, with the intention of drawing in people, opprtunitites, & energies to you! Much like our abundance butter, melt & apply this massage candle to skin whilst setting intentions for what, or who you might like to attract & capture the attention of.


Use for allue, seduction, temptation, beauty, glamour, abundance, wealth, money, & confidence!


You will receive the massage wax votive candle in the orange essence glass vessel pictured above! Melt your candle in the vessel for ease of pouring!


Burn candle for 2-5 minutes, blow out & wait about 5-10 seconds before pouring directly into the hands or onto skin to melt in as a personal lotion.


For external use only.

Vanilla seduction massage wax candle

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