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Welcome to our Magical Mischief collection by Jaq’s Witchy Ways & BecBware ~ where magic & art collide! ✨

1oz “The Badger” oil handcrafted & spelled by Jaq and a Large Vinyl Print Sticker by BecBware


In this collection you will find 4 possible familiar animals that tell a story of personal traits & behaviors.


He, we focus on the healed & positive aspects of these animals & the energy in which we invoke from them.


“The Badger” represents patience, dedication, & loyalty. This oil aids in connecting to friends, creating healthy boundaires, promotig kindness around you, within you, and within those around you. It is also a wonderful oil to use if you work around kids, the elderly, or if you're just someone who could use assistance in staying ddedicated to yourself & being loyal & patient with your own growth & self-development.


The badger is kind, compassionate, & ready to hold your hand throught the hardtimes life has!

The Badger Spell Oil

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