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Introducing Siren's Song powder - This powder is crafted with the intent of luring others in "under your spell". The smell is seductive & it is packed full of aphrodisiacs, intended for heightening the mood & arousing.


Just like a siren’s song, this lures people to them under a trance of desire & lust.


- allure

- temptation

- seduction

- enchanting

- luring

- siren energy / connecting to / working with sirens

- control

- persuasion

- hypnotism



None of my items are designed to cure or treat any ailments, injuries, or illnesses. Please be careful if pregnant or trying to conceive. It is recommended that products always be patch tested before topical use to avoid possible irritation. Color my vary. This powder is NOT safe for use around pets.


Due to the nature of these items craft, they are not available for return. Thank You!

If you have any allergies, please contact us prior to purchase.


Legal Disclaimer: The items at Jaq's Witchy Ways are hand crafted to be used with the intention of the buyer, Oils are not to be used or intended to be used as a replacement of professional advice and help such as medical, legal, psychological, or business.

Siren's Song Powder

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