Remedy is a healing oil that was inspired by my one year old kitten, Squash (pictured above).

At 5 months old Squash was diagnosed with a terminal illness called FIP. The standard of care is to have the kitten euthanized. But with the help & guidance of amazing & skilled veterinarians, friends, & family - we were able to find a trial drug treatment for Squash.

It consisted of 84 days of daily injections, medications, many vet visits, bloodwork, ultra sounds, horrible side effects, & much pain both for our squashy man & our little family.

During this time Squash greeted me every morning with love & kindness. He intended to spend his days fighting this disease, even though he lost complete eye sight, and at one point was unable to use the restroom on his own. But still he fought, one allergic reaction & medical set back after another, he played, he cuddled, he healed..

& as he did, so did I & my family.

On days we were sad or struggled with guilt, shame, fear.. Squash graced our hearts & home with love, giggles, & a ferocious fight. He didn’t give up once.

His fight started at 5 months old.. today is Squash’s first birthday (10/16/21), he has regained full eyesight, doubled his weight & size, & he’s happier & healthier than we could ever imagine and he is ONE WEEK into observation after nearly 3 months of treatment -

So this oil was crafted during this journey with the intent to help heal saddened souls, heartache, loss, grief, fear.. it won’t treat your illnesses, but it will help heal your heart. Squashy says so.

This oil is a gift from him, because as he was healing physically, my heart was healing energetically. I was experiencing many other losses & setbacks in my personal life as well during this time, & if it wasn’t for his charisma & zest for life, I’m not sure I’d have healed the way I have.

I’m grateful for him. I’m grateful for my healing. I’m grateful for the lessons this little kitten has taught me.

So, I hope you treat yourself to this oil, & soak in the love & healing energies of little squash man. He would encourage you to love yourself, your chosen family & friends, & to never EVER give up.

Remedy your soul, squashy loves you 🐱✨

Remedy Healing Oil


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