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Restock date: 3/23



Potions & Poisons


Introducing "Pinup's Poise-on"


I’ve always felt like an “old soul”, be it my love for antiques, vintage clothing, old horror films, classic music, or historical gothic architecture. I’ve always found something strong and beautiful about the expressions of the past. Within this was always a draw tot he idea of pin-ups. That they stood for beauty and sexuality without being explicit or raunchy. The classic bold beauty of old Hollywood glam, along with the independence and flare of the rockabilly, Pin-ups were admired by many. My favorite thing about the lifestyle is that it could be and was for anyone. It broke beauty norms. This oil, like classic pin-ups, encourages you to see the beauty in yourself, physically and spiritually. To aid in body-positivity and confidence whilst brining the class of the past.



Made with made by Jaq.




How to Store: When not in use keep stored in a cool dark place away from direct heat, light, or humidity. Recommended Shelf life is 8 - 12 months.


These are limited edition seasonal soaks & are not guaranteed to restock.


All sales are final. Not available for return or exchange due to the nature of the products.


If you have allergens or sensitivities please contact before purchase. At this time Jaq is not able to offer allergen free customs for this soak.


Pinup's Poison Bath brew

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