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These are just *some* examples of items you may receive in your mystery crystal kit, depending on price tier.

The $45 tier may contain tumbles, raw stones, small - average sized towers, mini crystal carvings, mini spheres, and cubes.

The $65 tier may contain anything in the $45 tier plus possible larger carvings, gemstone earrings, medium spheres, witch’s brews and slightly larger towers.

The $85 tier may contain large towers, carvings, spheres & anything listed in the prior tiers.

$100 tier may contain everything previously listed and less common crystals, larger sizes & more quantity.

$150 tier may include everything listed previously, plus crystal necklaces, XL towers, spheres, and less common carvings & stones.

$200 tier may contain the least common stones, highest quantity/quality of items, slabs, and geodes.

All stones are selected intuitively by Jaq. However you may request color themes or spiritual purpose. If you have any favorites you can leave that in the comments as well. However selection is based on inventory at time of fulfillment therefor nothing can be guaranteed. Do not order a mystery kit if you are picky and/or don’t enjoy surprises. If there is anything you absolutely despise, you can mention that as well.

Thank you



Mystery Crystal Kit

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