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8oz the limited edition Memento Mori scrying cologne - this cologne is crafted for use in scrying, either by pouring into a dark bowl, adding to a bath, or anointing divination tools, or scrying mirrors. Spiritually this cologne aids in reflecting on death & mortality.



The practice of Memento Mori, "Remember that you will die". Is the practice of reflecting on your own mortality and the impermanence of life. This practice is used as a reminder that we too sha'll die, thus encouraging us to live a meaningful, mindful, & purposeful life. This practice aids us in reflecting on what is important to us, realigning our priorities & living more aligned with them, being present in the moment, and connecting to the dead. 


This practice brings us closed to our defunti (italian for deceased loved ones), by reflecting on their death, we become more in touch with our own mortality. 


Due to the nature of these items craft, they are not available for return. Thank You!

If you have any allergies, please contact us prior to purchase.


Please keep this cologne stored in a cool dark place when not in use. Recommended shelf life is up to 6 months.


Legal Disclaimer: The items at Jaq's Witchy Ways are hand crafted to be used with the intention of the buyer, Oils are not to be used or intended to be used as a replacement of professional advice and help such as medical, legal, psychological, or business.

Memento Mori Scrying Cologne

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