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Witch Be Gone Powder (banishing powder) - This powder is crafted with the intent of banishing any unwanted energies, be it from another person, entitity, or energetic shift.. it ain't gonna mess with you! Is there someone in your life who won't leave you alone? Someone who won't stop running their mouth about you? Your lover's ex who just won't get gone? Hunny, sounds like you need to do a little banishing. Well lucky for you I have just the trick. Now, I do caution you to proceed carefully as this powder isn't a joke. This will put a witch right in their place, so be sure before you cast because they won't be coming back. Sprinkle this powder around your home to keep away unwanted pests, enemies, or uninvited entities (do not put on or near your garden or plants, this will wreak havoc on them as well). Blow some in the direction of your enemy to ward them off & to keep them from returning (not at them.. you may as well spray them with pepper spray). Can be used in hexes, jinxes, reversals, protection & warding, any witchcraft meant for keeping others away or returning their unwell wishes right back to them.

Witch be Gone // Banishing Powder

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