These Magick Powders have been crafted by me using herbs, roots, barks, botanicals, earth from sacred places, along with other curios and sacred items to charge them. Powders are incredibly versatile, of all the items in my magick arsenal, powders probably have the most uses. They can be used to dress candles, sprinkle them around your sacred space or self, consecrate magickal tools. You can mix them with liquids and use them to draw sigils.


You can use powders to cast your circle, sprinkle some in your shoes, a pinch under your finger nail, feed them to your charm/mojo bags to increase their personal power. Another great method is blowing them into the wind while speaking affirmations. When using powders it is important to embue them with your own personal intent, in order to strengthen the magick. You can do this by holding it in your hand speaking, visualizing, and touching it with your intentions.


Opportunita (Road Opener powder) NEW This powder is crafted with the intent to open roads to new possibilities and to open doors to opportunities. This helps to clear any minor blockages that may be keeping spells or circumstances from swaying in your favor, or manifestations from coming to fruition. Excellent addition to prosperity or love workings.


Witch Be Gone Powder (banishing powder)  This powder is crafted with the intent of banishing any unwanted energies, be it from another person, entitity, or energetic shift.. it ain't gonna mess with you! Is there someone in your life who won't leave you alone? Someone who won't stop running their mouth about you? Your lover's ex who just won't get gone? Hunny, sounds like you need to do a little banishing. Well lucky for you I have just the trick. Now, I do caution you to proceed carefully as this powder isn't a joke. This will put a witch right in their place, so be sure before you cast because they won't be coming back. Sprinkle this powder around your home to keep away unwanted pests, enemies, or uninvited entities (do not put on or near your garden or plants, this will wreak havoc on them as well). Blow some in the direction of  your enemy to ward them off & to keep them from returning (not at them.. you may as well spray them with pepper spray). Can be used in hexes, jinxes, reversals, protection & warding, any witchcraft meant for keeping others away or returning their unwell wishes right back to them.


Amore Powder (Love Powder) This powder was crafted with the intent to open your heart & welcome love into your life. It can also be used to increase desire or companionship within existing relationships, strengthening the bond between. Suggested use: dust into a bath for self-love & acceptance, sprinkle in the sheets to increase love & attraction, in your shoes to spread love wherever you go, to your love charm bag to return love after it gifts love to you, or when dressing candles for love or self-love spells.


i Soli Powder (Prosperity Powder) This powder was crafted with the intent of attracting prosperity into your life. Made to bring abundant blessings to you. Suggested Use: Sprinkle in wallet or purse, dust money or card with it before use, dust checks before depositing, sprinkle at the front of home or business, dust business cards, feed to charm/mojo bags, place in shoes to attract abundance wherever you go. Add to spellwork or dress a candle for prosperity spellwork. Use in places you wish to receive abundance from. Blow out the entrance of your home/office/work to receive financial blessings.


Benedizione Powder (home blessings powder) - This powder is crafted with the intent of attracting blessings into your life & home. Best use is after a deep cleanse to reestablish high vibrations in order to receive blessings in your life. Suggested Use: Sprinkle onto the carpets around the home or business, sprinkle in shoes, dust money before placing in your wallet, add to hot water to create a floor wash for the home or business, Dress a white candle and call in blessings during spellwork, sprinkle anywhere you wish to receive abundant blessings. Can also be used to consecrate or dedicate objects/tools/talismans. All powders come in a glass 0.5fl oz jar sealed with a metal lid.

Magick Powders


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