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Memento Mori personal protection pocket salve - the practice of memento mori can be very grief-filled & heavy. Use this salve to protect your personal energy & create an energetic barrier to protect you from external influences/energies.


The practice of Memento Mori, "Remember that you will die". Is the practice of reflecting on your own mortality and the impermanence of life. This practice is used as a reminder that we too sha'll die, thus encouraging us to live a meaningful, mindful, & purposeful life. This practice aids us in reflecting on what is important to us, realigning our priorities & living more aligned with them, being present in the moment, and connecting to the dead. 


This practice brings us closed to our defunti (italian for deceased loved ones), by reflecting on their death, we become more in touch with our own mortality. 



Crafted using organic, non-toxic, high quality ingredients of sea buckthorn oil, avocado oil, botanical infused olive oil, all natural beeswax, and essential oils.


This salve comes in a 4oz metal tin. This salve will come with a label on the top of the packaging. 

Large Memento Mori - personal protection salve

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