Let’s be honest, the world is currently in dismay. Between the virus that is taking away lives with illness, and the one taking away lives with injustice. Disease and hate are sweeping the nation! All this worry can drag us down and cause us to fall into turmoil, stress, and anger. Not to mention, all this on top of regular day to day stressors!


This charm bag ends negative/stressful situations while banishing negativity, it allows us to find tranquility in the madness. Acting as a guardian, protecting from evil & hatred, it relieves us of anxiety. It helps us to calm, heal, and recover after long hard days. If used during spell work or meditation, this charm bag helps us to connect to our ancestors and spirit guides to seek guidance in our lives, while also offering psychic protection and helping to speed up recovery from mental exhaustion.


As an empath, personally, all this hate and fear is breaking me down. I have very carefully designed and sealed this charm bag with the most potent and impenetrable magick in order to keep your soul safe guarded, so that you can fight for what you believe in without letting the toxicity of the world weigh you down. It helps you to have the personal courage to keep fighting & standing true to your beliefs! While also combating dis-ease. With COVID-19 running ramped, it’s SO important that we take care of ourselves! Mental and spiritual health is the basis of physical health! Please care for yourself, now more than ever self care is CRUCIAL.


Blessed Be!




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