This is owner; Jaqueline Howell's favorite blend of herbs & oils. 

It is her secret blend that she dares not share with anyone! 


It comes in a 1oz glass dropper bottle for easy dispensing!


It is Organic & Vegan friendly! (like all of our products)


This oil can be used for dressing candles, anointing your body, bath, hair, or any divination tools, such as an athame!


It is a potent mix of herbs to assist you on your magickal journey! To help you acquire your full witchy potential and lead you on your path to reaching your inner High priestess or High Priest! This is the ultimate divination oil, crafted to keep your grounded while also stimulating psychic abilities, awareness and creating a protective shield! Every witch needs this oil on their altar.


Not to mention the aroma is irresistable!

Jaq's Secret Brew

  • Due to the nature of this product's craft, it is not available for return. Thank you for understanding!

Current processing time is 2-3 weeks (up to 4 if your order includes preorder or custom items)