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This spelled bath soak/scrub is made up of herbs, sugars, and fine salts and infused with my Insatiable pheremone oil.


If you're ready to be imbued with the show-stopping sensual energy of a goddess. This is it. 


“Insatiable” is crafted with the intention of heating things up in the bedroom, increasing romance, lust, intimacy, sexual attraction & to encourage romance & getting in ‘the mood’.


Contains potent pheromones & aphrodisiacs. ❤️‍🔥


I have truly never come out of a bath smelling so alluring! My man couldn't keep his hands off of me!!


Multiple uses.


Infused with high quality best on the markest pheromones.

*The Pheromones used in Insatiable are considered to be all gender & sexuality inclusive*

Insatiable Pheromone infused bath soak/scrub

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