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Potions & Poisons


Introducing "Glamour Ghoul"


Ghouls just wanna have fun! 👻 Especially under the glimmering moonlight on all hallows eve.


This spray turns even the most ghastly goblin into a glamourish ghoul. Crafted to work with personal personas to charm yourself to be perceived by others as gorgeous, glamourous, confident, and esteemed.


This spray can be worked into any glamours to aid in changing your energetic appearance to others. Can be used to aid in raising confidence, charm, allure, beauty, courage, & so much more! If you can think it, she can encourage it!



Made & spelled by Jaq.


A blend of essential oils, distilled water, and witch hazel in a matte black glass 4oz spray bottle.

Glamour Ghoul Spray

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