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Restock date: 3/23



Potions & Poisons


Introducing "Glamour Ghoul"


Ghouls just wanna have fun! 👻 Especially under the glimmering moonlight on all hallows eve.


This oil turns even the most ghastly goblin into a glamourish ghoul. Crafted to work with personal personas to charm yourself to be perceived by others as gorgeous, glamourous, confident, and esteemed.


This oil can be worked into any glamours to aid in changing your energetic appearance to others. Can be used to aid in raising confidence, charm, allure, beauty, courage, & so much more! If you can think it, she can encourage it!



Made & spelled by Jaq.


How to use: Each oil can be used by adding your personal intentions by whispers, words, enchantments or energy & applying to the body topically, or to candles, amulets, talismans, veils, jewelry, poppets or other. Can also be added to baths, laundry, spellwork, floors & doors washes, & so much more!


How to Store: When not in use keep stored in a cool dark place away from direct heat, light, or humidity. Please store standing up. Recommended Shelf life is 8 - 12 months.


Each oil comes in a glass 1.7oz teardrop bottle with a glass serum dropper & silicone top.


These oils are limited edition seasonal oils & are not guaranteed to restock.


All sales are final. Not available for return or exchange due to the nature of the products.


If you have allergens or sensitivities please contact before purchase. At this time Jaq is not able to offer allergen free customs for this oil.


Carrier oils are a blend of vitamin e, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic unrefined tamanu oil, organic unrefined camellia seed oil, organic unrefined blackberry seed oil, unrefined black raspberry seed oil, unrefined golden jojoba oil, unrefined organic pomegranate oil, organic avocado oil, & organic grape seed oil.


***oil blends may vary by product

Glamour Ghoul - Spell oil

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