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Limited Edition


Introducing a new version of "Fair Warned & Fair Well", from candle now to spray - 


A witch's house is almost always recognizable, either by our herbal & poison gardens, black cats, brooms by the front doors, or "soliciters will be sold to the devil" signs on our front doors. Though some of the nicest people you'll probably ever meeet, the one Hollywood witch cliche that stands true is not to corss one. Energy is sacred to us witches, fold practitioners, healers, and spiritualists. So consider yourself "Fairly" warned. If you cross us, that is your cost to bear. If you choose to ignore the warning signs and spray the mist anyways...consider this your most formidable farewell.


For banishing & protection!


Used to remove malignant & negative energies & to protect your personal space & aura.


Fair Warned and Farewell Spray

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