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Introducing Evergreen Enchantment - crafted with the intentions of invoking the wise, everlasting protective energy of an evergreen tree. This candle can be burned to create & reinforce a protective barrier around the home & those within & around. 


This candle is topped with an evergreen tree atop a bed of snowflakes, and finished with a piped tree top!




Made with organic & non toxic wicks, dyes, scents, and waxes in a glass 9oz Jar with a brown paper label with art designed & hand-drawn by Jaq herself. Scented to smell like a yule tree with fraser fir, blue spruce, redwoods & moss.


Candle use: for best use please keep candle wicks to approx. 1/4” before burning, trimming wick before each burn. Allow the entire circumference of the candle wax to melt before extinguishing to avoid tunneling.


Please always burn candles with a fire safe dish or surface beneath Incase of wax overflow.


Speak intentions to the spirit of the candle before use & when extinguishing you may say something along the lines of “though this flame is out, the spell is not broken, the energy keeps flowing & it’s spirit growing”


Please keeps away from small children & pets, curtains, hazardous or flammable materials, & always practice fire safety.


Jaq’s Witchy Ways LLC is not responsible for any damage to personal items due to improper use.

Evergreen Enchantment

$30.00 Regular Price
$24.00Sale Price
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