Y'all... I don't even know where to begin with this oil. But the hype is SO real.


Deadly Desires is crafted with the intent of drawing in WHATEVER you desire. Be it a lover, a new job, career change, money, success.. This oil attracts anything & everything to you that aligns with your desires. Lather this baby on to attract a lover and I promise you'll be catching everyone's attention. Are you a creator? artist? lather this baby on before creating & people will be lined up at the floodgates for your creations. This oil increases your confidence to go after & achieve what you desire, & it pulls people & things to you. This oil is magnetic, and you will be too!


I don't often hype up my own creations, but after months of tweaking what used to be Bottled Lust, I am happy to offer all my witches this divine attraction oil. Enjoy babes!!


All oils consist of a base oil (chosen based on magickal properties), and A mixture of essential oils & Organic Herbs.

Modifications available upon request!


Oils come in a 1oz glass dropper bottle. None of my items are designed to cure or treat any ailments, injuries, or illnesses. Please be careful if pregnant or trying to conceive. 


Due to the nature of these items craft, they are not available for return. Thank You!

Deadly Desires


    Current processing time is 2-3 weeks (up to 4 if your order includes preorder or custom items)