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Introducing "Datura's Day Dream"


Datura has many tall tales, but she is most commonly known for her toxic traits to cause drunkeness, laughter, and madness. Even just a light whiff can cause hallucinations.


Some cultures carefully curate concotions for use in dvidnatory work or as portals to other realms. Though no true Datura is used in this other-worldly candle, it is much inspired by the false inflicted by a run in with this botanical poison.


This candle ensnares the senses, creating a happy and euphoric feel for the home. Encouragin fun, laughter, and joy even in the most forboding times. Take a day dream with the dangerous inspiration of Datura.


This candle can be lit on Samhain when the veil is thinnest, or on any evening when tredging through the waters of grief, loss, or death.  Datura's Day Dream is topped with a handcrafted clay mold that was hand painted with datura essence infused acrylic paint & needs to be removed from the candle prior to burning. Keep clay datura mold to continue to work with the spirit of the plant after your candle has been burned.


Datura's Daydream is a moonflower nectar & white currant scented candle.


Made with organix & non toxic wicks, dyes, pet safe scents, and waxes in a handpoured & painted concrete coffin made by Jaq.


Candle use: for best use please keep candle wicks to approx. 1/4” before burning, trimming wick before each burn. Allow the entire circumference of the candle wax to melt before extinguishing to avoid tunneling.


Please always burn candles with a fire safe dish or surface beneath Incase of wax overflow. 


Speak intentions to the spirit of the candle before use & when extinguishing you may say something along the lines of “though this flame is out, the spell is not broken, the energy keeps flowing & it’s spirit growing”


Please keeps away from small children & pets, curtains, hazardous or flammable materials, & always practice fire safety.


Jaq’s Witchy Ways LLC is not responsible for any damage to personal items due to improper use.

Datura's Day Dream - Spell Candle

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