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Originally offered as a bathbomb from the Depths of Despair series


Introducing "Damsel in Decay"


In some cultures and beliefs, coffins are acknowledged not only as a place of rest for hte body to decay peacfully, but also a way of protecting the body whilsst returning it to the earth so that the body may stay intact to allow the spirit to pass on and transcend. In other cultures, some see the coffin as a portal into the next world or life.


Just as the soul moves on from the body, leaving the past self behind, this oil ritual aids in letting go fo old version of self, shedding old skin, and feeling reborn. This oil forces transfomation & change in your life, pushing you into alignment with a higher version of yourself.


**Bath bomb not included / not available for purchase



How to store: 
Keep stored in a cool, dry, dark place. Shelf life is 8 - 12 months.

Damsel in Decay Spell oil

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