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**New & Improved recipe

This Spray is crafted & spelled with the intentions of attracting, luring, and domination. This is the spray version that incorporates the elements of my 3 best selling oils; Deadly Desires, Siren’s Song & Domination.

It draws others into your energy, attracting their attention, luring them in closer to you, enchanting & controlling them or a situation.

This is amazing for my spicy dancers, sex workers, anyone who works in the tipping industry, or anyone working on love, glamour, and sex magic.

The scents are sexy and desirable.

Pairs best with domination oil for control & command, deadly desires for attraction and getting what you want, siren’s song for drawing in a romantic lover or someone’s attention, or queen of hearts to spice up your love life & for glamour work.

A blend of essential oils, distilled water, and witch hazel in a matte black glass 4oz spray bottle.

Commandment Spray

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