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Potions & Poisons


Introducing "Camellia's Curse Spray"


The lore of Camellia began with the 1848 Alexandre Dumas move, La dame aux Camelias, which tells the tale of the tragic love story of Armand Duval and Marguerite Gautier. A forbidden love that was driven apart by a fearsome father.


Whether Victorian times or modern moments, no heartbreak is ever easy.


This spray is crafted to aid in personal resurrection. To help refocus our energy back to ourselves instead of others.


Whether it be post breakup or post Hermit era, this spray is the next step in your journey to getting aligned with your highness, most healed self. There’s no better revenge than doing better.


Made by Jaq.


A blend of essential oils, distilled water, and witch hazel in a matte black glass 4oz spray bottle.

Camellia's Curse Spray

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