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Potions & Poisons


Introducing "Asphyxiation"


What's that old saying when in cemeteries? "Careful the caskets or be buried alive"? A frightening reminder to be respectful of where you tread around the dead, for you know them not and some less forgiving than others.


Inspired by these tall tales, this cologne is crafted to silence the voices of those who wrongfully speak against you. This oil can be used to silence enemies, stop slandar, and gossip, or deter others from speaking ill of or toward you.


Caution: This is a baneful cologne! Use carefully and justly.



Made with Magia by Jaq.


How to use: Each cologne can also be added to baths, laundry, spellwork, floors & doors washes, & so much more!


How to Store: When not in use keep stored in a cool dark place away from direct heat, light, or humidity. Please store standing up. Recommended Shelf life is 8 - 12 months.


Each oil comes in a glass 1.7oz teardrop bottle with a glass serum dropper & silicone top.


These are limited edition seasonal colognes & are not guaranteed to restock.


All sales are final. Not available for return or exchange due to the nature of the products.


If you have allergens or sensitivities please contact before purchase. At this time Jaq is not able to offer allergen free customs for this cologne.

Asphyxiation Cologne

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