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Inspired by Sleep Token’s song “Aqua Regia”

Aqua Regia is Latin for “Royal Water”

It was a chemical mixture known to dissolve royal metals such as, gold, palladium, & platinum.

Sleep token’s song has many metaphors representing the ups & downs of life. This song also encapsulates feelings of struggle, resolve, & transformation. It invokes intense feelings & powerful emotions.

This oil is handcrafted to aid in opening roads, dissolving blockages, & transmuting energy that doesn’t serve you into personal power, growth, & abundance.

It is a powerfully transformative brew that can be used in a multitude of ways to eclipse energy & transforming it into something that propels you into your next level of self.

Boosts adoration from others, prosperity, power, influence, resolve, transformation, attention, fame, influence, & overall betterment of self & circumstances.

Contains real 18k gold flakes.

Pairs well with Sweetening oil, Bewitched cologne, & Liquid Gold.

Skin safe- not to be ingested nor used on the face or intimate areas.

Store in cool, dark, temperature controlled environment.

8-12 month shelf life when stored properly.

Comes in a clear glass 1oz square bottle with a corrosion resistant dropper.

Aqua Regia Spell Oil

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