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To celebrate my 4 year anniversary I decided to bring back the kits that represent my personal practice & to celebrate this beautiful milestone by dedicating it to my ancestors & spirit team. Thus I found it important to dedicate an entire kit to ancestral veneration as it is truly the foundation of my personal practice.


These are items I would recommend for someone starting out in their ancestral practice or even to someone long & deeply connected with their ancestors looking to gift them something extra special.


This limited edition Ancestral Veneration kit includes:


8oz Ancestors offerings cologne used to honor your ancestors as an offering & to draw them down for gifts of teachings & insight.

12oz Conjuring Crysanthemums candle to uplift and inovke the spirits of our ancestors, passed pets, friends, family, defunti and loved ones. To act both as an offering and a vessel to commune.

Grazie powder which is used as an offering to give thanks for their presence in our waking lives.

*Gently used antique altar cloth

*Gently used antique teacup & saucer


*These items are second-hand antiques that may present slight wear and tear. They are not perfect but allow us to reduce waste and bring life back to these loved tools. Wear may include fraying, small stains, small chips, repaired cracks, and scratches.


Please note that due to the nature of these limited edition items, customs are not available for allergens.

Ancestral Veneration Kit #5 Diana’s adornment

  • The items at Jaq's Witchy Ways are hand crafted to be used with the intention of the buyer, Oils are not to be used or intended to be used as a replacement of professional advice and help such as medical, legal, psychological, or business. None of my items are designed to cure or treat any ailments, injuries, or illnesses. Please be careful if pregnant or trying to conceive. It is recommended that products always be patch tested before topical use to avoid possible irritation.

  • Due to the nature of these items craft, they are not available for return. Thank You! If you have any allergies, please contact us prior to purchase. We will reply within 24 hours!

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