Hand-Crafted Jewelry.

Currently I have 4 Collections; Spell Bottles, The Tarot, Bones, and The Zodiac ~

Every Green Witch needs a dose of magick to carry with her. I now introduce to you a fashionable way to take your apothecary with you! My Spell Bottle earrings are hand made with glass pendants and filled with organic herbs & magick.

My Tarot Inspired Earring line incorporates the different elements of the Tarot to help you take the messages of the universe with you. To assist you in embodying the different elements, from your inner High Priestess to the knowledge of the Three of Swords. Find your inner divination witch and don't be afraid to wow the world!

Bones is my first spooky collection inspired by Samhain, death & the afterlife, and earth magick.

The Zodiac is about embracing all planetary placements in your chart, not just your sun sign. We are composed of a multitude of elements just like the big beautiful cosmos, I encourage embracing all of it. Every piece of yourself.

All jewelry has been sealed and blessed with an incantation to ensure that you carry the magick with you!