My Witchy washes are made with the truest intention and quality organic ingredients. Witchy washes are a floorwash but we're also gonna switch it up a bit. Floor washes are used in a variety of ways in many old magickal practices for bringing in new & washing out old energies. Please read ingredients prior to your purchase to be made aware of any possible allergens or irritants.
So why witchy washes & not floor wash? WELL HUNNY I'm so glad you asked! Just like everything in my practice, I love putting a twist on it! You can absolutely use these as a floorwash and I hope that you do! But I invite you to get creative with your uses and find your own witchy way! Brew these babies up and pour some in with your laundry to raise specific energies & set your intent. Add to your bath. Shoot, steep it in distilled water, add some alcohol or witch hazel & boom baby, ya gotta new room spray!
After brewing you can store in leftovers in the fridge, 7-9 day shelf life, just.. smell before use. All herbs are different! However, It's normal to see settlement at the bottom, just give it a good shake! See mold? poor it outside lovey, it's past its magickal use date!
Instructions: Bring herbs to a boil in a pot of water (amplify the energy by using different waters), reduce to a simmer and leave sit covered for 10 - 15 minutes. Strain out the herbs and pour into a spray bottle, bucket, or glass jar. Wash yourself or floors of home or business to create a shift in the energies. You can also wash mirrors, windows, countertops, sinks, your car, crystals, or place in a spray bottle and refrigerate to use as a room spray, can also be added to your laundry or cleaning sprays.

 - This witchy wash is crafted with the intent of raising loving vibrations and opening the heart. It can also be used to attract love or strengthen already existing relationships. Wash your sheets with a little love witchy wash to spice things up & draw your lover in! 
Ingredients: Damiana, Clove, Raspberry Leaf, Pink Rose Petals, Skullcap, White Willow Bark, Himalayan Pink Salt.
 -  This witchy wash is crafted with the intent of bringing in financial blessings. Get your money up hunny with this divine abundant blend. Wash the floors & walls of your home or office/shop space to bring in business and $$$. 
Ingredients: Cloves, crystalized Irish moss, basil, chamomile, nutmeg, cinnamon, and calendule. Irish moss is crystalized not moldy. It is dried, it's from the ocean, so what you're seeing is salt crystalline. 

 ***These blends are not recommended for households with pets. Jaq is a happy mom of 2 cats, so if you do purchase PLEASE request the pet friendly blend that will use substitutes for the herbs that are not pet friendly***

All witchy washes are best used 1 scoop of herbs per quart of water! All herbs are organic and ethically/sustainably sourced. You will receive one 4oz box of herbs, intended for multiple uses!

Witchy Washes


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