The Witch’s prosperity brew is crafted to attract wealth, good luck, & general abundance into your life. Each scoop is 3oz!

Can be used in spell work, charm bags, spell jars, money bowls, & so much more! The creativity truly lies in your hands.

Please keep in mind every scoop is different. Some may contain things that others do not.


Golden tiger’s eye mini tumbles

Prehnite chips

Raw pyrite

Garnet chips

Small green aventurine tumbles

Peridot chips

Raw emerald chips

Raw Ruby chips


Moss agate chips

Citrine (heat treated amethyst) raw chunks

Quartz matchstick points

Moss agate cubes

Horse shoe charms



Bay leaves

Dried orange peels chips

Allspice berries

I soli samples

Bottled bucks prosperity oil samples

Witch’s Prosperity Brew

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