Garnet is known for its energizing and regenerating properties. It brings serenity & passion. Worn, Garnet works as a protective talisman, warding off danger. It inspires love, devotion & lust. It is a stone of commitment, often given in the form of jewelry from a lover. 


Garnet is also extremely useful in times of crisis, offering strength and courage, bringing out our survival instincts, encouraging us to keep moving forward, even when things are seemingly hopeless. Under it's influence, crisis is turned into challenge, giving assistance to get through tough times. 


It also activates other crystals, enhancing their abilities. 

Known for its attraction abilities this is a great stone for manifestation, love, opportunity, & money workings. Brings success in business workings. 


Use in combination with Deadly Desires for extreme attraction. 

Tumbled Garnet


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