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1oz “The Lion” oil handcrafted & spelled by Jaq and a Large Vinyl Print Sticker by BecBware

Welcome to our Magical Mischief collection by Jaq’s Witchy Ways & BecBware ~ where magic & art collide! ✨


In this collection you will find 4 possible familiar animals that tell a story of personal traits & behaviors.


Here we focus on the healed & positive aspects of these animals & the energy in which we invoke from them.


“The Lion” represents bravery, courage, and dedication. This oil increases self-confidence and encourages you to face your fears & stand in your truth! Pushing past all odds to conquer your goals, to overcome negativity, and continue to fight for whagt you believe in! The Lion oil also promotes courage, determination, & encourages you to keep fighting for what you believe in, to accomplish your aspirations & to never give up. The energy of this oil is resillient, optimistic, and proud.


The Lion is resourceful, caring, & bold!

The Lion Spell Oil

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