These earrings will be launching on 5/20 and will be a part of a limited launch! Buy them while supplies last!! 💫


My Tarot Inspired Earring line incorporates the different elements of the Tarot to help you take the messages of the universe with you. To assist you in embodying the different elements. Find your inner divination witch and don't be afraid to wow the world!


The Empress -

Her message is a reminder that the divine feminine is within all of us. Your Empress is a reminder to embrace growth, abundance, and your very own feminine power! She serves as a reminder to nurture your spirit and all of your experiences. She is strong, a role model to all. A reminder to be the best you that you can be! So when you wear these earrings, let them serve as a reminder to celebrate the divine feminine in your life and all around you, no matter what form that may take, revel in the magick!


These earrings are handmade and are a part of a line of jewelry coming out on Jaq’s Witchy Ways all inspired my Tarot 🖤✨

The Empress