The options are endless! I will dress a brand new ritual candle with herbs and oils based on magickal accordance. I will also add crystals around the candle to increase magickal potency, as well as a salt circle to seal the magick and protect the flame so that it does not go out, and any other curios necessary to perform the spell. The candle will burn for about 3 days straight, without ever being put out. It will be kept in a safe and supervised area during the entirety of the spell.  Examples of spells:A healing spell is for mending a broken heart from loss. This can be for breakup with a lover, friend, or family, divorce, or loss of a life, person or animal.  An Abundance spell will be to attract or strengthen love, happiness, financial wealth, or any thing you desire to manifest into your life.  Also consider protection, wealth, attraction, etc.Once you place the order I will contact you via text to discuss your spell and I will send you consistent photos and updates over the course of the spell until the candle has burned completely out and the spell is completed.