This is a single card pull!


This is usually for when you need clarity on where to center your focus for the day, a specific event or conversation ahead, or the theme for your week ahead.


Soul Self cards are used to connect us to our soul self (non physical), and to understand ourselves on a divine level. They give us insight into our souls journey, where it has been before this life, what it's current journey is now, and the soul purpose behind our experiences in the physical world.


This card can be pulled for you via text, phone call, facetime, or zoom, the choice is yours. Once you place the order I will contact you via text and we can schedule a time that is best for you! It will take about 5 minutes.


I have been reading and studying tarot and oracle cards for over 4 years. I regularly do readings for myself, friends, and family. I have also done several readings for people via text.

Single Card Oracle

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