This is Root Chakra anoiting oil, filled with herbs, roots, curios, Red Jasper crystal chips, and botanicals to help ground oneself in earthly energies. 


The Root Chakra is the survival center. This is our primal nature, where our fight or flight responses originate. This energy allows us to embrace our courage, resourcefulness, and to keep treading through difficult times. It is the base of the Chakras and our emotional bodies, this is where our security and sense of safety & stability reside. 


This is our survival & self-preservation energy center. Think "growing roots". Trees need roots in order to maintain stability so that they may grow and weather storms securely. We must secure strong roots in order to grow & blossom. It all starts here. Without a balanced root chakra, all other emotional bodies and energy centers will become unbalanced as a result. 


This anoiting oil helps keep us grounded so that we may grow these roots. It helps up find feelings of security and self-assurance so that we may heal. It is an excellent tool to use during shadow work and meditation. It is also excellent when feeling "out of sorts", depressed, or in a "funk".


Recommended Use: Roll on the wrists, bottom of feet, root chakra (base of spine), temples, and back of neck. Can also be rolled on candles or other spiritual tools to anoint during prayer, ritual, or meditation. 


Use along with affirmations:

"I feel deeply rooted"

"I am safe & secure"

" I am grounded & stable"

"I am grateful for all of the challenged that have lead me to who I am now"

"I trust myself"

"I have financial security"

"My life is whole, I am whole"


Oils come in a 10ml glass roller bottle.