High vibes all day! This crystal takes you to the infinite peace of the spiritual world & connects you to angelic realms. Celestite is excellent for dream recall, stimulating clairvoyant abilities & communication, & out of body journeys! It also promotes purity of the heart and attracts good fortune into all paths of life. It is a deeply peaceful stone & assists in conflict resolution & in maintaining harmonious relationships and atmospheres, especially in times of heightened emotions & stress. This stone teaches us to trust in the infinite wisdom of the divine. It helps to keep us calm, while exploring new psychic heights. It disperses worry & promotes mental clarity too.Excellent tool during angelic work, meditation, and scrying. Therefore every altar can benefit from having a few of these babies lying around!


$1.25 per pieceHigh Quality Raw celestite.

All crystals were hand-picked by the Owner of Jaq's Witchy Ways; Jaqueline.

These specimens are ethically sourced from Madagascar.

Corresponding sign: Gemini

Activates the Throat Chakra

These stones are of a smaller size. Approx. 1in.

Raw Celestite

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