Petition magic is a prayerful spell that employs the aid of deity in helping one obtain a goal. When you order a petition, I will write your desires onto a piece of paper, and offer them into a candle with a spell and an offering to the chosen deity. 


However, it won't be just any candle. It will be dressed with herbs and oils, chosen by their magickal properties in accordance to your petition. I will also gather some sort of goods based on the chosen deity to offer to them in return for your petition. 


There are a multitude of things you could ask the universe/Gods/Goddesses for such as; seeking wisdom, comfort, strength, patience, energy, etc.; some intangible quality that you're having trouble with. You can also petition for guidance or direction. As well as things like good luck in a job interview, positive results from a medical exam/testing, financial wealth, a fruitful womb, etc. 


It is up to the Univers/Gods/Goddesses whether or not they grant the petition. Usually the answer is yes if it harms none, including yourself, and if you are asking from an honest and pure place. 


Once the order is placed I will contact you via text for your petition, and then I will send you photos of the candle and offering. 


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    Current processing time is 2-3 weeks (up to 4 if your order includes preorder or custom items)