Pendulums are such an underrated tool. They can be used for basic every day questions, meditation, divination, healing, to connect to spirit, contact animals, or even map dowsing! There are so many uses!


They work by responding to your body’s very own energetic field through idek motor reflex, which is when the muscles in your arms are moved by subconscious activity in your brain, thus connecting with your higher self or spirit!


Did you know the use of pendulums has been recorded throughout history dating as far back as 8,000 years ago? Pretty awesome, right!?


Michael Eugène Chevreul is responsible for the discovery of the movement of the pendulum being an involuntary movement from subconscious muscular reactions. This was one of the earliest discoveries of ideomotor reflex dating back to 1833.

You can use a pendulum to ask Yes/No questions and get in contact with your guides, angels, ancestors, gods/goddesses, or while her you connect to in the spirit realm

They can also be used to detect energy blockages or traumas in the physical body, and to balance chakras/energy points.


Fun fact: you can also use them to locate missing items or to talk to your pets!! Super cool stuff, yeah!?


Pendulums are about 6 inches in length. Type of crystal will vary & so will the Charm. These Pendulums are crafted by order intuitively for you so that no two are alike!