Having trouble sleeping at night? too restless or anxious? Or do you suffer from bad dreams/night terrors?


I crafted this charm bag to banish nightmares and aid in restful sleep. It helps to release anxiety and stress at night by holding it in your hands while sitting up in bed, take several deep breaths and focus all of your energy into the charm bag. Then once you are ready, place it under your pillow for a night of sweet dreams!


While banishing worries and negativity, it attracts peace, calm, and tranquil feelings so that you may sweetly drift off into a relaxing sleep. While you are in dream world, the moon will bathe you with healing and peaceful dreams. With the offering of Poppy inside, Goddess Nyx will protect you from any entities that try to manipulate your mind while in dreamland. She will grant you the ability to control your dreams, should you choose to do so. Also filled with Blue Vervain, this charm bag is especially good for aiding children with sleep. When you wake from your sleep, you will feel rejuvenated and anew. Should you choose to do so in the morning, you can use your charm bag to assist you in dream recall as well!


So tuck your charm bag under your pillow, lay your head to rest, and whisper Nighty-Night Nightmares! 

Nighty-Night Nightmares


    Current processing time is 2-3 weeks (up to 4 if your order includes preorder or custom items)