Moss Agate is always ready to heal your heart and bring you back into balance. One glance at this stone and you truly feel like you are interacting with a living and breathing piece of mother nature herself. Swirling greens, abundant energy, and deeply cleansing vibes cut straight through any toxicity, leaving you feeling as though you are breathing deeply and connecting to every atom of your being.
This stone aids in stabilizing energies and refreshing the soul, enabling you to see the beauty in all you behold. It is a great friend to plants, helping to reduce their sensitivity to environmental changes and pollutants. Just like it aids us in personal growth, it also encourages new plant growth! It is a stone of new beginnings and releases blockages in our spiritual bodies.
Crystals are intuitively chosen and may vary in color patterns due to natural growth/development. Sized may vary slightly.

Moss Agate Towers


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