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- January 30th - February 19th

- May 29th - June 21st

- September 27th - October 17th


When mercury goes retrograde, it never seems to be kind.

Retrogrades happen when a planet appears to be going backwards (from earth) in it's orbit. This can usually cause certain energies to become chaotic. 


Mercury was named after the Roman messenger God. Both said to govern transportation and communication. Thus it is believed and observed, that when mercury begins to retrograde, it can cause frustrating incidents here on earth, as far as communication with one another, sometimes causing fights or outbursts, and incidents involving travel and technologies.


This oil is blended with Eucalyptus and Galangal Root to help bring action and help to keep us moving forward through any issues that may arise and keeping us mentally stimulated. A dash of Sandalwood and Oregano are included for keeping us grounded in this wild energy, and allowing us to pause and process before reacting, helping to advert misscommuncations. Rosemary, Wormwood, and Dill Weed are also included in this magickal blend to help aid in communication, keep us protected during daily travels, and to help ward off any unwanted energies brought on particularly by Mercury. 


I recommend diffusing this blend in the home and your car when mercury is in retrograde. I also recommend anointing computers, phones, and such technologies, to help them to continue to function smoothly. I also suggest anointing yourself or a candle and focusing your energy into remaining grounded and secure.


Don't let mercury stop you from conquering your goals and being your best self! With the right mindset, persistent efforts, and helpful tools you can even use these retrogrades to your benefit!


All oils consist of a base oil (chosen based on magickal properties), and A mixture of essential oils & Organic Herbs.


(Oil will come all the way filled and labeled)


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Oils come in a 1oz glass dropper bottle.


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Mercury Retrograde Oil ☿️℞


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