I’m so excited to now be offering magickally charged pet tags!

I created the magickal cat line to raise funds for my Cat; Kida’s (black cat pictured) hyperthyroidism treatment on 2/15. However, I do so many things to make sure my cats are protected both physically & spiritually. So the cat line will stay & grow & will always help a pet in need.

These tags are black aluminum, about an inch in diameter. I am HAND carving the symbols/sigil/runes & names into them withOUT stencils. So please bare in mind this is free handed & I am no professional! Just remember the cause & the purpose 🖤 by purchasing a tag to spiritually protect your pet, you’re helping fund a life saving treatment for my fur baby.

You will have the option to choose rune/symbol/sigil and your pets name. You can also add a collar (for cats only) for an up charge! Collars have a safety release clasp so that both indoor & outdoor kitties can stay free from harms way!

Thank you so much for helping fund our baby girl’s treatment. We will keep you updated in Instagram & TikTok! 🐱

About Kida: Kida is a black short hair domestic that has been with me since 2017. She was a stray that I found on my way home from work at 2am. Luckily for her, I worked at a seafood restaurant and was bringing mahi nachos home for my partner. I saw her run across the parking lot of my apartment complex and noticed that she had been injured. I picked the mahi off the nachos and fed them to her. She repaid me with lovings & pets, and followed me all the way inside my apartment! Where I gave her food, water, & a warm place to sleep. The next day I made an appt at a local vet and had her looked at. They suspected that she had been hit by a car, based on her road rash & minorly dislocated hips. After a few weeks on antibiotics, wearing a cone, & physical therapy - Kida was named and completely rehabilitated. During that time we bonded so intimately, that she chose to never leave (yes I gave her the option). She learned how to use a litter box, loved play time & was a complete addict for catnip. She had found her furever home & I had gained a best friend. She has since become a very important part of our family, from traveling to Pennsylvania & back with my mom while I was in college, and this last year when we rescued a kitten who is now her infamously known little brother, Squash. We truly couldn’t imagine our lives without Kida, and we hope we won’t have to anytime soon. This is a life saving treatment that should cure her hyperthyroidism. Thank you again for reading about her story & for supporting her recovery. 🤍

Magickal Pet Tags


    Current processing time is 2-3 weeks (up to 4 if your order includes preorder or custom items)