All Sprays now come in an amber glass bottle, this will increase shelf life. 


My Magickal Sprays are crafted with 100% essential oils. The perfect spray for inviting energies into your home or using to bless yourself. A wonderful alternative to smoke cleansing for those with pets, asthma, or in small living quarters. Also wonderful for taking on the go to refresh energies throughout your day. Use during meditation, to cleanse yourself or space, or when getting ready at the start of each day.


Cleansing Magick Spray is crafted with the intention of cleansing yourself and your space. Used to maintenance spiritual hygiene, or to cleanse your space or self after receiving unwanted energies. 


Sleep-Ease Magick Spray is crafted with the intention of relaxing your subconscious and helping you to drift into the sleep realm with ease.


Veiling Magick Spray is crafted with the intention of cleansing your veils before & after daily use. Blended with essential oils to protect your energy throughout the day, to consecrate your veil before use to bless at a protective item or to connect you to your spirit guies/ancestors. Use after wearing your veil to cleanse of any energies it may have absorbed. Can also be sprayed onto self, clothes, and jewelry for veiling purposes. Veiling is the practice of covering ones head or hair with the use of a headscarf or other item, to keep out unwanted energies from others whilst protecting your own. Most witches veil for protection purposes, especially useful for empaths. Veils can also be used to keep your energy in and prevent it from affecting others, this can be useful on a day where you're feeling low & drained. Veiling is practiced in many cultures and in many practices. 


Protection Magick Spray is crafted with the intent of using for home warding. Basic warding and protection are the foundation of witchcraft, and one of the most important parts of your practice that you should develop. No one put it better than Althaea Sebastiani herself "Reasons for this are similar to why you would safeguard yourself in any other situation. You lock the doors to your home.. You safeguard your physical health by washing your hands, wearing your seat bealt, and getting vaccinated... Warding is a combination of magickal prophylactic and basic magickal hygiene. It is a preventative means of magickally guarding your spiritual health - helping to prevent situations that would adversely affect you - and helping to better keep you at the top of your game." This pretty much summarizes the purpose of the magick spray. Best used around the home as an added layer of protection. Also wonderful for every day personal use. Don't forget to spritz your car!


Sweet Love Magick Spray - This magickal potion is crafted with the intent of sweetening the love in your life. It raises loving vibrations inside your home and in the hearts of everyone who enters by opening up their hearts! Beneficial for attracting and strengthening love in existing relationships as well. Self Love? don't worry, this divine spray covers that too babe! Spritz on your bedding in substitute of a witchy wash or in addition to, spritz the air within your space, can also be used on clothes, bath, & self!


Abundant Blessings Magick Spray is crafted with the intent of attracting financial success and growth into your life. Uses: Spritz yo money hunny!! Yas queen, your credit card too, and say all the money you spend comes back to you 10 fold! Spray around your space to welcome abundant financial blessings, bedding to attract blessings even while you sleep, and your shoes/clothing to attract abundance everywhere you go!


All Magick Sprays come in an amber 4oz glass bottle with a black mister. Shake gently before use and store in a cool dark place! Each spray is crafted with 100% essential oils, distilled water, & witch hazel. 6 month shelf life.

Magick Sprays


    Current processing time is 2-3 weeks (up to 4 if your order includes preorder or custom items)