Honey Calcite is a stone of personal empowerment. It activates the Sacral Chakra hepling to ease emotional worries during challenging times that keep us from acknowledging our strength. It also activates the Solar Plexus Chakra helping to regain personal power and encourage self-belief and empowerment. 


This is a stone of courage and personal strength. It increases feelings of self-worth, confidece and assists in overcoming obstacles, helping you to regain control of your life and assisting you in pursuing and achieving your dreams & goals. 


It also helps to improve memory, release emotional blockages, encourage self-expression & creativity, remove negativity, and deepen one's spiritual awareness. 


Different Uses: Place in living room, office, and art rooms/workplace. Recommended to place in children's room, backpack, and to carry with you to school or work. Also helpful during meditation to heighten spiritual awareness. Place on altar to assist in personal spiritual growth. 


Do not place calcite in water



Handpicked in Portland, OR by Jaq. All stones are ethically & sustainably sourced.

Honey Calcite

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