My Floorwashes are made with the truest intention and quality organic ingredients. Floor washes are used in a variety of ways in many old magickal practices for bringing in new & washing out old energies. Please read ingredients prior to your purchase to be made aware of any possible allergens or irritants.


Instructions: Bring herbs to a boil in a pot of water (amplify the energy by using different waters), reduce to a simmer and leave sit for 25 minutes. Strain out the herbs and pour into a spray bottle, bucket, or bath. Wash yourself or floors of home or business to create a shift in the energies. You can also wash mirrors, windows, countertops, sinks, your car, crystals, or place in a spray bottle and refrigerate to use as a room spray, can also be added to your laundry or cleaning sprays.


Difesa - This is a defense floor wash. Crafted with the intent to create an energetic boundary around the home or sacred space to keep out unwanted entities & negative energies. Use for protection/warding. Comes in a square paper box. 4oz. Ingredients: Rosemary, Basil, Bay leaf, Black Salt, Angelica Root, Dill & Rose petals.


Regalo -  This floorwash is for home blessings, deep cleansing, protection, healing, and ridding a space of negativity. Best used when in need of a deep energetic cleansing of the home or self. Equivalent of smoke cleansing the home. Comes in a circle paper box. 2oz. Ingredients: Jasmine, orange peels, lemon balm, cinnamon chips, calendula, and marjoram.


Spirito -  This blend was crafted with the intent to assist in ancestral connection. To be used to consecrate/dedicate tools/items to your ancestors, deities, or spirit. Use to cleanse a sacred space, or your altar for charging, blessing & dedicating. Helps to connect to source. Comes in a large glass jar, approx. 1 qt. Ingredients: Jasmine, sea salt, blue vervain, Chrysanthemum, Calendula, blue sage, & Blessed Thistle.


All floorwashes are best used 1 scoop of herbs per quart of water! All herbs are organic and ethically/sustainably sourced.