Crystal bracelets are not just a beautiful accessory, but also a way to help carry the magick with you! Stay energetically charged by matching your crystal bracelet of they day to your current intent! **10mm crystal beads**


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Sodalite - Excellent for aiding in communication, patience, and concentration. This stone also helps to calm and relax you. Enhances mental capabilities. Activates third eye & throat Chakras.


Bloodstone - Helps ground you, protects your energy, and energizes your spirit. Encourages fertility and self-confidence. Eases PMS. Helps you to see the change upon the horizon and the benefits it brings to you.


Garnet - Deepens romantic love, increases attraction, and boosts stamina. Powerful energizing and regerative stone. Inspires love and devotion. Associated with root and heart Chakras.


Labradorite - Encourages spiritual expansion. Brings you into higher levels of mental and spiritual consciousness. Stimulates mental activity and increases intuition. Balances hormones and relieves mental stress & strain.


Rose Quartz - A stone of eternal love and emotional healing. Opens and heals the heart center. Guides you to deepen relationships, embrace kindness, and encourage compassion. Frees your from self-resentment and anger.


Tiger's Eye - Attracts abundance and good luck. Activates the solar plexus encouraging confidence and motivation. Helps you to stay centered and grounded. Encourages personal empowerment and self-development.


Moss Agate - A stone of new beginnings. Refreshes the spirit and encourages you to see the best in yourself and all that you are capable of. Encourages self-compassion and healing. Helps adapt to changes. Connects you to mama earth's energies.


Amethyst - Increases intuition and helps you to connect with your highest self. Encourages peaceful sleep & dreams. Relieves stress & soothes your worries. Activates spiritual awareness & offers psychic protection.


Unakite - A stone of clarity, offers insight into the deepest parts of yourself. Stabilizes your aura & personal energies. A stone of vision, it balances emotions with spirituality. Helps to release mental conditions that hold you back from your best self.


Golden Sheen Obsidian - Helps to release your ego. Supercharges your abilities to manifest your goals and desires. Encourages self- empowerment. Protects you from the negative energies put off by others. Helps release stagnant energy.


Ruby Zoisite - Helps align the Chakras. Encourages harmony and self-trust. Stimulates happiness, joy, and positivity. Helps with spiritual communication. Assists in converting negative energies into positive ones. Helps you to become free from negative mindsets that hold you back.


Crystal bracelets range in circumference, bead size is 10mm.


Disclaimer: These products are not intended to treat or cure any type of medical condition. These products have not been approved by the FDA. If you are concerned about ingredients, please reach out to us before use, especially if pregnant or nursing. We reccommend seeking professional medical advice, should you feel necessary.

Crystal bracelets


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