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I am so very excited to introduce a complete Chakra roller oil set!


From left to right: Root to Crown


Root Chakra - This oil has been carefully crafted with herbs and red jasper to promote stability. To offer you grounding energies and feelings of security. This oil also helps in developing financial stability, and suppoty to aid you in growing a strong foundation for self-growth & development. Whether your Root chakra is spinning open or is completely closed up, this oil will help to balance and restore its energy.

Recommended use; roll onto the base of your sign (root chakra), bottoms of feet, hands, and backs of knees.


Sacral Chakra - This oil is designed to aid in stabilizing the Sacral Chakra with a combination of herbs, botanicals, and sunstone. This energy point is associated with our sensuality/sexuality and our deepest wants and desires. Also associated with our emotional stability and creativity. This oil helps to accept and love ourselves, to develop comfortability and security in our selves and our sexuality/sensual desires. It also enhances creativity and helps to restore balance to the emotional bodies.

Recommended uses; bath, beneathe the belly button (sacral chakra), temples, palms of hands and backs of knees.


Solar Plexus - Made up of herbs, roots, and tiger's eye, this oil is designed to help illuminate the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is where we find our self confidence, motivation, and our inner fire. Helping you to find the motivation to chase after your goals and desires and believing in yourself that you are fully capable of conquering any and everything you set your sights on. This oil helps you in finding your personal power and mastering in self-belief.

Recommended uses; roll onto upper abdomen/diaphragm below the ribcage (solar plexus), bottom of feet, wrists, and behind the ears. Also great for anointing talismans.


Heart Chakra - A beautiful blend of herbs, botanicals, and rose quartz to help open the heart chakra and encourage giving and receiving love equally. This oil helps to balance the emotions and bring feelings of calmness & serenity. It helps to shap your capacity for compassion, aiding in healthy relationships with others as well as your relationship with yourself. This oil has many of healing properties to help overcome hurt, saddness, and emotional traumas, losses, & grief.

Recommended uses; Apply to the chest (heart chakra), neck, wrists, backs of knees, and temples. Can also be used to anoint jewelry, candles, and toussled through your hair.


Throat Chakra - This oil is filled with herbs, seeds, and blue lace agate to assist in self-expression, helping you to communicate authentically and kindly how you're feeling. It helps you to be honest and give your words more purpose and value. Balancing your throat chakra will help you feel great about your career, art, and trade. This oil will help you to speak honestly without any fear of what others might think.. and this will keep you from dimming your own light.

Recommended uses: applied to the nape of your neck, collarbones, and also great to anoint candles with to open honest lines of communication within your space!


Third Eye - This oil is crafted with herbs, roots, botanicals, and Lapis Lazuli to help you tune into more subtle energies and tap into your intuition. It helps to balance your third eye which in turn will help you to see life more clearly and make decisions more easily, without emotional attachment to the outcome. This also helps you to create a more balanced relationship with your subconscious. This is the chakra of imagination, insight, and psychic abilities, using this oil will help you better connect and strengthen these gifts, we all have them!

Recommended uses: apply to third eye, temples, collarbones, bottoms of feets and palms of hands, and it is also wonderful for anointing candles to burn during divination and/or meditation!


Crown Chakra - Carefully crafted with herbs and amethyst to assist in your process of reaching your highest self. This is the Chakra of enlightenment, divine connection, and oneness. Balancing this chakra will help you link to universal awareness, helping with transcendence and consciousness. This oil connects us to spirit/guides/ancestors, helping you to connect to something beyond yourself and the physical world. It also increases feelings of confidence & security.

Recommended Uses: massage into scalp, toussle through hair, apply to bottoms of feets, can be used to anoint any part of the body, bath, candles, charms, or talismans.


Interested in multiples? Check out the Chakra Oils Set; total value of $84 for just $60!! All oils come in a glass roller bottle measuring 10ml. If you have any food/plant allergies please type this in the questionnaire and I will custom make the necessary oils in order to avoid allergens.

Chakra Oil Singles


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