A beautiful blend of herbs & essential oils blended in a carrier oil for all of your best luck desires!


This blend has been specifically designed to bring you good fortune.

 Feeling a little unlucky? This is the ultimate tool for changing that and attracting all forms of abundance into your life. Activating the prosperity of the universe around you, this oil attracts all good things into your life, leaving you feeling full & fortunate!


Whether used to anoint your candles, magickal tools, feed your charm bags, add to your body or bath, this beautiful vile of magick is the guide to attracting good luck into your life!


Oils come in a 1oz glass dropper bottle.


Modifications available upon request! Oils no longer come with a glass genie bottle.


Due to the nature of this products craft, it will not be available for return, thank you!

Bottled Luck

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